MIS 634 Business Intelligence & Data Integration - LAB

This 1-credit lab course provides an experiential learning component for MIS 633 ML Engineering 2 for which it is a co-requisite. MIS 634 provides hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and querying data warehouses and large-scale database systems. The relevant software is introduced using demonstrations, in-class exercises and homework exercises that are closely tied to and executed in synch with the conceptual and theoretical material covered in MIS 633. Specifically, students will gain hands-on experience in using: (i) Alteryx - a widely used commercial tool for the Extract-Transform- Load (ETL) function, (ii) ERWIN - a widely used commercial tool for representing conceptual (e.g., E-R diagrams) and logical data models (e.g., relational DBMS) and (iii) a NoSQL database (e.g., MongoDB). Students in MIS 634 must also be enrolled in the associated 2-credit lecture course MIS 633 Business Intelligence & Data Integration course.




MIS 633 CoReq


School of Business


Spring Semester