The Academic Catalog is a resource designed to help students prepare for and plan their studies. The Academic Catalog contains information about undergraduate and graduate education including information about each degree and program offered and the requirements and curricula for earning each degree. It also contains information on academic procedures and requirements, financial aid, student life, student services and university policies.

It is the personal responsibility of each student to acquire a working knowledge of all pertinent information set forth in the Academic Catalog.

The policies and requirements listed in the Catalog are in effect for the entirety of the listed academic year. The edition of the Catalog that contains a student’s degree and graduation requirements is determined by their academic year of entry or reentry and academic year of acceptance to their major or program. Archived catalogs are available online or by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Stevens Institute of Technology reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate the information, regulations, requirements, procedures and policies announced in this catalog including but not limited to: requirements for admission; requirements for graduation or degrees; academic programs or courses; scheduling; credit or content of courses; the faculty assigned to courses; the manner of teaching courses; fees; and calendars.

School and departmental websites and departmental curricular and course information are maintained independently and do not necessarily reflect university-approved curricula and course information. In case of discrepancies between departmental information and the Academic Catalog, the Academic Catalog is considered definitive.