Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB) at Stevens is known for its legacy of fostering and nurturing groundbreaking, world-class innovation.

Dr. Irving Langmuir, a former Stevens Chemistry faculty member, won the 1932 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discoveries in surface chemistry. CCB was among the first to offer an undergraduate Chemical Biology degree in 1978 and today remains at the forefront of chemical biology with our internationally recognized faculty in the healthcare domain as well as with professionally diverse experiences in academia and industry.

Our vision is to be a community of researchers with molecular, cellular, and computational minds, dedicated to educating the next generation of science leaders and innovators and exploring transformative scientific ideas for global societal impact. This vision is based on our current research strengths in:

  • Modulation of disease-relevant biological systems at molecular level (“molecular mind’)
  • Studying mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression, and therapy resistance using patient-derived organoids and tissue models (“cellular mind”)
  • High-accuracy predictions of molecular structures and properties (“computational mind”).

With this vision, we strive to provide broad-based education and interdisciplinary training to enrich the learning experiences and global perspectives of our students as lifelong learners and future leaders and innovators.